Our Purpose

To provide young people with outdoor experiences that change lives for the better

Our Vision

We believe outdoor experiences can build resilience and life skills and give young people a deeper perspective on the environment and living in community. 

We offer experiences and journeys that build new skills, challenge people to grow, connect people to the natural environment and take education outcomes into the outdoors. 

We get people outside to Explore, Discover and Dream

Our Values

As an outdoor education provider we believe:

  • That challenge provides a great space for growth and learning and building connection
  • That the environment is important and we should look after it
  • That each and every individual has unique worth, value and potential
  • In the beauty and value of human and cultural diversity
  • In the importance of taking responsibility for our own actions
  • In outcomes for young people and educators

Adventure in the Snowy Mountains

We offer a range of programs throughout the year, customised to suit the season, age, learning goals and specialised studies of your group

Summer in the Snowys

Stunning landscapes, lakes and rivers, mountain bike trails and intriguing wildlife

Winter wonderland

Let the natural beauty of snow inspire you